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Joe Dirt



Joe Dirt
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Joe Dirt tells the story of a poor, trashy hick and his comical misadventures.

Joe Dirt (David Spade) was separated from his family at the Grand Canyon when he was 8 years old. Since then, he's been searching for his parents. The fact that he has no money - or intelligence - explains some of his problems. The rest is just bad luck.

Joe tells his story to a radio talk show host who, along with the general public, finds Joe's stupid life with all its misadventures fascinating. While retelling his life story "on air" Joe includes everything - his girl friend Brandy (she's too beautiful to be his girlfriend, or at least he thinks so), his trouble tracking down his parents, and his numerous failed schemes.

While Joe is presented as a poor but happy-go-lucky stupe, a white-trash hero, many of the characters he meets up with are even trashier. All these colorful characters add to the comedy.

Joe Dirt may not be a brilliant, artistic, Oscar-worthy film, yet it certainly has its moments. In spite of his moronic mentality, Joe is somewhat likeable. And even if you find his character - or the other crazy characters - too annoying or low class, you simply have to admit he is funny. Bathroom jokes never die. When the contents of a septic tank spill on Joe's head, or when he eats directly off a hunk of frozen airplane sewage, few people can claim this movie isn't amusing.

While the acting may not be Oscar-calibre either, I enjoyed the cast - in fact, I would have liked to see Kid Rock in a bigger role. David Spade may not be playing an extremely challenging role, but he does play the part very well. Overall, I enjoyed Joe Dirt and recommend it as a dumb but laughable comedy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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