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Die Hard



Die Hard
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Talk about bad vacations. Bruce Willis has the worst imaginable in the action/thriller Die Hard.

Willis plays a cop whose wife moved to California to take a big job offer six months earlier. He goes to California to visit her and their two children for Christmas, and attends a party held in honor of one of her firm's big clients. It turns out that some hit men are after her big client and crash the party with guns. One of them leaves with the client, and another sticks around to hold everyone else hostage. Good thing super cop Willis is hiding out and intends to stop them. In fact, he is hiding under the table when the client is executed. Then he sneaks around the building and eliminates two of the hit men. Meanwhile, he manages to call the police - who think he's a crank caller! - for help. They do send one cop out to investigate (he has a story too, we later learn) but he may not notice anything wrong with the skyscraper unless Willis creates a diversion.

He does so splendidly by shoving a body through a window and crashing it onto the cop's car.

There are a lot of terrific action scenes in this movie, and although it gets a bit long at the end, the acting is fantastic and it's rather entertaining.

My Rating = Three Stars

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