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Devil's Advocate



Devil's Advocate
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Keanu Reeves' latest endeavor, costarring with Al Pacino (as the devil himself), is a fascinating film.

Reeves' character, Kevin, a redneck lawyer from Florida, moves to New York with his wife Mary Anne. Both are about completely out of place in New York, and Mary Anne grows increasingly uncomfortable in their new apartment. Meanwhile, Kevin becomes more and more caught up in his work, and his boss, Milton, becomes less baffling and more evidently Satan.

As if you couldn't tell just from the title.

The end is also rather apparent almost from the beginning; still, the acting and special effects make it worth your while. In one scene that's just dripping drama, Mary Anne, who's suffered a nervous breakdown, has a screaming fit in the mental ward, then slits her throat. Her acting is almost better than Pacino's or Reeves'.

My Rating = Three Stars

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