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Mr. Destiny



Mr. Destiny
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Mr. Destiny is a farcical but rather unbelievable comedy about - you guessed it- destiny.

Larry Burrows (James Belushi) has spent his entire life regretting what he apparently considers to be the worst mistake of his life: losing a baseball game on his fifteenth birthday. (If you ask me, this is rather obsessive.)

Exactly twenty years later he meets an old guy named Mike (Michael Caine) in a bar who fixes him a strange potion - because of this potion Burrows discovers his life is totally different. The potion changed that one moment of his life - he hit the baseball after all - and everything else wound up being totally different. He is now married to the boss's daughter, beautiful Cindy Jo (Rene Russo) and consequently has a much better job. However, the woman he used to be married to doesn't like him at all now, and Burrows is stuck in the middle of some shady business deals.

You guessed it, Burrows wants his old life back.

Mr.Destiny is both too preachy and too far-fetched to be a truly entertaining comedy, but there were many hilarious scenes. Jon Lovitz is hysterical as Burrow's best friend, and all the other actors were well-cast, too. All in all, Mr. Destiny was a fairly pleasant and interesting watch.

My Rating = Two Stars

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