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Desperate Measures



Desperate Measures
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Desperate Measures is an exceptionally well - plotted and original thriller. I got the impression that the plots of the two popular TV dramas NYPD Blue and ER had been thrown together and this was the result - but that's not a bad thing.

The only thing Desperate Measures is really missing is George Clooney, but that's forgiven because instead we get a gutsy female doctor (Marcia Gay Harden) who helps outwit escaped killer Pete McCabe (Michael Keaton). McCabe was temporarily released from prison so he could donate his bone marrow to Matt, the critically ill son of police officer Frank Connor (Andy Garcia). Naturally the only reason he agrees is so he can attempt to make an escape, which he accomplishes in grand style. Now he's got the whole police force after him, but of course Connor doesn't want McCabe shot down, because then his bone marrow would be useless. I like the idea of a cop trying to catch a criminal without using a gun - when was the last time you saw that in a movie?

Of course Connor does resort to much other violence, including a ridiculously elaborate car chase resulting in a huge pileup. Throw in an explosion or two at the hospital, and you've got some great action sequences. Apparently Connor doesn't care how many people die, just as long as his son receives the transplant and lives.

At times Keaton is rather amusing as a killer, while Harden is much more impressive in her role as Matt's doctor than she was as Robin Williams' girlfriend in his recent dull comedy Flubber. Andy Garcia and the other actors also provide sincere performances, and while I noticed several inaccuracies in this film, I found it highly entertaining. Warning: This movie contains action scenes which may raise your blood pressure. View with caution!

My Rating = Three Stars

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