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Deep Impact



Deep Impact
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Here's why Deep Impact is such an astoundingly fascinating movie. I had a rash, my face was itching like crazy, and I was extremely uncomfortable. Deep Impact was intriguing enough to distract me from my miseries - for over two hours. This movie held my complete, undivided attention, and kept me mesmerized.

Morgan Freeman does an incredible acting job as the President Beck of the United States; he has the unthinkable job to announce to the American public that a huge meteor is going to hit the earth with catastrophic results. Tea Leoni also does a terrific acting job as a snoopy reporter Jenny Lerne who finds out about it just days before the President breaks the terrifying news. A subplot about Tea's efforts to get her long-divorced parents back together before the world comes to an end, despite the fact that her father has remarried to a woman only two years older than Leoni, is diverting.

Meanwhile, the Army makes several attempts to divert the meteor's path and prevent it from striking earth. This includes sending seven astronauts headed by Spurgeon Tanner (Robert Duvall) up into space to plant nuclear bombs on the meteor and blow it up. This fails. When the meteor gets closer, they try sending up nuclear missiles from earth. These, too, fail. Fortunately, one million people have been selected to live in a safe underground limestone cave until two years after the meteor strikes - at which point they will be able to resume life on earth. Yet another subplot involves the teenager Leo Biederman (Elijah Wood) who discovered the meteor and was insured a place in the cave - but doesn't want to leave his girlfriend, whom he married so she could come with him. Unwilling to leave her family, the married teenagers are separated.

With an intriguing story, extraordinary special effects, and fantastic acting especially by Freeman and Leoni) you can see why Deep Impact is a winner. I'd definitely see it again, and there are very few movies I'd see twice.

My Rating = Four Stars

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