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Deep Blue Sea



Deep Blue Sea
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Deep Blue Sea has its moments. For example: when Samuel L. Jackson is devoured by a huge shark in the midst of his heroic "save the day" speech. Or when the shark bites the arm off a supposedly "brilliant" scientist who sits down conveniently close to the shark's mouth.

All gruesome glee aside, the plot moves swiftly without any dull moments. Several doctors and scientists at an underwater laboratory are studying sharks. Specifically, they are trying to suck some important chemicals out of the sharks' brains, because they think this might cure many illnesses. (Sharks are surprisingly disease-resistant.) Because sharks only have so much of this miracle drug in their brains, the ambitious scientists decide to increase the big fish's brain mass with genetic engineering. (Therefore, they are violating an important scientific compact about not using genetics to increase brain size.)

The upshot of all this technical scientific maneuvering is that the sharks become too intelligent and the roles are reversed. Now it's the sharks that try to kill all the scientists and lab workers, destroy the lab, and escape out into the deep blue sea. (Can you blame them?)

For being a bunch of brilliant scientific minds, they are pretty stupid. It seems the only ones with any intelligence are the scuba diver who swims with the sharks, and the cook (L.L.Cool J). Jackson's character, a rich guy whose funding is needed to continue the project, acts more or less cleverly until he gets ripped apart by that shark.

Deep Blue Sea is highly engrossing, and its flaws are forgivable. Well acted and decently plotted, this film is definitely worth viewing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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