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Meet the Deedles



Meet the Deedles
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When I saw Meet the Deedles I felt like my intelligence was being insulted. How could the people who made this movie expect anyone of normal IQ to find it amusing?

The Deedles brothers, Phil and Stew (Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer) are twins - a couple of ne'er do well surfer bums. They accidentally wind up in Yellowstone Park, and decide to pose as Park Ranger recruits (the real recruits are lost in the woods). One brother first suggests the idea, and the other refuses. "Nothing could convince me," he says. Then a beautiful female ranger walks in. He's convinced.

Their job is to get rid of the cute but annoying prairie dogs infesting the park before the big "billionth birthday" celebration for Old Faithful. Not really being Park Rangers - or expert prairie dog exterminators, they don't have a clue, and mess things up even more. Meanwhile, there's some sort of a subplot about a villain trying to ruin the ongoing celebration..

The Deedles is aimed at younger children, but I don't know if even they will find it amusing. In any case, it was far too predictable and idiotic. Words fail me when I try to express my disgust at the scene where Phil and his love interest Jesse Ryan (A .J. Langer) are eating live worms; they share the same worm and wind up kissing. Eating worms? Excuse me, but I'm trying to eat popcorn here.

My Rating = One Star

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