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Death Becomes Her



Death Becomes Her
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The premise of Death Becomes Her is rather cliche - a magic potion that makes you young and immortal forever? - yet this film doesn't fail to entertain.

Meryl Streep plays Madeleine, a rich and snobby woman who is downright obsessed with looking young and beautiful. Her old nemesis (Goldie Hawn) looks much more so than Madeleine does, until Madeleine finds out her secret: a potion designed to reverse the aging process. Madeleine takes the potion and everything is perfect - or is it? Her husband, a plastic surgeon turned undertaker (Bruce Willis in a surprisingly nerdy getup), who was previously involved with Hawn, is now falling for her again. When Madeleine tells him off, he pushes her down the staircase, a move that should have killed her. But thanks to the potion she's fine - sort of - but furious with Hawn. They wind up in a hopeless battle, because neither one can kill the other.

The acting is very convincing, for a screwy comedy such as this. If you're used to seeing Bruce Willis in action movie roles, you'll be particularly impressed with his acting in Death Becomes Her.

My Rating = Three Stars

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