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Dear God



Dear God
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Dear God is a delightful film about a criminal who avoids going to jail by accepting a job at the post office - for a year. One day while at work, he starts reading letters addressed to "God". While lifting expensive jewelry and other assorted stuff from the "unable to deliver" section, he accidentally drops his payroll check into an envelope. "Caught -in-the-act", he snatches an envelope full of stolen goods, and claims that he was just "checking the address" on the package. Immediately, he addresses the letter to a poor woman who wrote to God because of her financial troubles, and he figures that she'll just get some free jewelry. It turns out she gets his paycheck - and the miracle begins. Soon his co-workers get involved and they are all answering "Dear God" letters. However, this is a federal offense. What will happen? Will they get convicted, or will they be permitted to keep up their goodwill? See this heartwarming Christmas movie and it'll really put you in the giving spirit.

My Rating = Three Stars

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