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Dead Man on Campus



Dead Man on Campus
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Dead Man on Campus is a hilarious movie along the lines of Dumb and Dumber.

If you grew up watching Mark Paul Gosselar on Saved by the Bell, you'll definitely love Dead Man on Campus. Gosselar's character Cooper is like an extension of his Saved by the Bell character Zack: he's a lazy slacker who never studies, rarely goes to class, and gets in as much trouble as possible at college.

His roommate Josh (Tom Everett Scott), on the other hand, is a good medical student who studies hard and doesn't like to goof off. Cooper's infectious charm gets the best of him, however, and soon they're both about to get kicked out of college.

That's when they discover that any student whose roommate commits suicide automatically gets A's, no matter what. What a way out! All Josh and Cooper have to do is find a depressed, suicidal roommate and push him over the edge.

Easier said than done. Some suicidal people are also psychotic, delusional, paranoid, or worse. And getting them to commit suicide is a bad idea - if you happen to be in the car when they get in a high- speed chase with the police.

You don't have to be psychotic to enjoy Dead Man on Campus. This incredibly stupid but overwhelmingly amusing film features nothing but great actors, great dialogue, and great fun.

My Rating = Four Stars

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