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Deadly Friend



Deadly Friend
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One of Wes Craven's older movies (i.e., before his Scream fame) Deadly Friend is a captivating horror film.

Paul is a boy genius who, while high school age, goes to a big medical school and studies the human brain. He also has an intelligent robot, BeBe, that he designed himself. Which is why when it is accidentally destroyed, he saves its "brain" or the memory chip that powered it.

This chip comes in handy when his girlfriend is pronounced brain-dead and doctors say there's nothing they can do (there never is with doctors). Before they pull the plug, Paul and his friend Ben sneak into the hospital, kidnap her, and do brain surgery. (This gets pretty comical, as Ben is a little squeamish, and quite afraid of being arrested!) Implanting BeBe's chip in her brain seems like a good idea at the time...and it does save her life...but her personality is a bit altered by the chip. In other words, she goes on a murderous rampage.

For a horror movie, the acting was rather skillful. I appreciated the comic relief and the scary scenes, plus the idea of a robot with a mind of its own is original and thought provoking.

My Rating = Three Stars

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