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The Dead Zone



The Dead Zone
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The Dead Zone is the spooky, tense film version of Stephen King's .The Dead Zone.

When Johnny Smith, a schoolteacher with a nice, normal life, and a nice, normal fiance, crashes into a semi-truck on a snow-laden road, he winds up nearly dead in comatose state - for five long years. When he finally wakes up, his fiance is married to another man and, oh yeah, Johnny now has psychic powers to get in his way.

Whenever he holds someone's hand, he gets a flash of what will happen in his future. (Oddly enough, nearly every person he touches has a tragedy coming - or a hidden secret in their past.) Smith becomes well-known for his visions, although he's not seeking the publicity. It's not long before Smith uses his astonishing powers to help the police catch murderers, to stop a little boy from going on a fatal hockey trip, etc. He soon realizes that not only can he see the future, but can change it.

If you're not into reading long books, The Dead Zone is a great way to hear a Stephen King story. (However, I would recommend reading the book too, because there are always differences in film versions.) Surprisingly, this horror film didn't have many special effects, but instead had a wonderful plot with enough tension to keep you rooted to your screen.

My Rating = Three Stars

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