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Dracula: Dead and Loving It



Dracula: Dead and Loving It
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Although he is better known for his The Naked Gun movies, I think Leslie Nielson is actually funnier - if that's possible - in Dead and Loving It, an uproariously entertaining comedy.

Yes, Nielson is Dracula, he is dead - undead, actually- and he sure does love it. And so do I. One funny scene follows another in a hysterical display of sheer, glorious stupidity.

The story takes place in 1897. Of course Dracula has Renfield, his faithful slave, and of course he drinks blood. Unfortunately, the friends of his latest victim, Lucy, begin to suspect something is wrong with her. So, they call in a rather unorthodox doctor - supposedly he's an expert on rare diseases - who decides that yes, it must be the work of a vampire. (Did they teach that stuff in medical school back then?) Uh-oh, they're on Dracula's trail! The good doctor sets up traps for Dracula, including filling Lucy's room with garlic, and trying to catch him in front of a mirror (vampires have no reflection). This results in some side-splitting events, but the best scene actually has nothing to do with Dracula. It involves the doctor performing an autopsy, and all ten medical students fainting.

Another hilarious scene involves the doctor instructing a concerned friend of the now vampiric Lucy to put a stake through her heart. The friend winds up soaked in blood but the doctor doesn't because, as he puts it, he "knows where to stand".

If you don't have a sense of humor, you may find Nielson's brand of comedy hard to take and you'll want to skip this video. However, I for one laughed so hard I almost died, pardon the pun, and I loved it, pardon the second pun.

My Rating = Four Stars

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