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Sylvester Stallone's film Daylight, while not a box-office hit, is exciting. Stallone plays Kit Latura, who is the only hope of roughly a dozen people trapped in the tunnel linking New Jersey and Manhattan. A chemical explosion in the tunnel sealed off both ends and traps them underground. A snooty know-it-all thinks he can escape via a mid-river passage, but boy is he wrong! He only succeeds in letting water leak into the tunnel, so now the trapped people can get hypothermia or drown as well as suffocate in the closed-off tunnel. That's when Kit shows up. A former paramedic, who cost other paramedics their lives while trying to save them, Kit has always felt that he needed to make up for it. Now, he gets his chance. Entering the tunnel through an unstable ventilation fan (major suspense!) he reaches the victims, and becomes trapped himself. Now he faces the huge problem of getting everyone - including himself - out. The plot, gripping and suspenseful, coupled with Stallone's superb acting, makes this a thriller worth renting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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