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Dark Shadows - House of Horrors



Dark Shadows
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Dark Shadows is a spooky horror film set in England. The characters include a wealthy family living in an apparently haunted house. Right around the time that Barnabus, a distant relative, shows up, strange things start happening: people are attacked and bitten in the neck; some are murdered and drained of all their blood. Clearly, it's the work of a vampire. Now who could it be?

It's pretty evident from the beginning that Barnabus is to blame. But instead of someone catching him and, say staking him through the heart, or something equally effective, a helpful doctor decides she wants to cure him. Pretty soon, he can walk around in daylight, something he could never do before, and she thinks she may soon cure him completely of his thirst for blood. She also predictably falls in love with him, even though he plans to wed a young woman who reminds him of a long dead lover (he is evidently several centuries old).

As predictable and horror-movie typical as this film is, it proved quite entertaining. Vampire stories never get old, no matter how many ways you hear them. And some of the characters are interesting and likeable.

My Rating = Three Stars

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