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Dante's Peak



Dante's Peak
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Erupting in a big display of special effects, Dante's Peak kept me on the edge of my seat - for most of the movie.

Pierce Brosnan (I love those British actors!) plays Harry Dalton, a volcano expert who has come to save the town of Dante's Peak, built on the side of a mountain. Although inactive for thousands of years, the volcano is dangerously close to erupting now. Dalton's colleagues think he's overreacting and don't want to destroy the town's economy or their reputation as second most "livable" place in the United States. Consequently, the town's residents are not put on volcano alert.

Much too late, Dalton's warnings are heeded. While the attractive mayor, Rachel Wendo (Linda Hamilton) is warning the citizens, her young children 'borrow' her car (stick- shift! no less) to rescue Grandma - living on top of the mountain. This is highly unrealistic. The idea that two kids could drive up a steep, twisting mountain in fair weather is ridiculous - and this is during pre-volcanic activity!

Racing up the mountainside after them, Wendo and Dalton - who are most apparently falling in love, (Can't have a movie without a whirlwind romance, can you?) are faced with obstacle after obstacle.

And the mountain hasn't even erupted yet! It's just getting warmed up! In a desperate attempt to make it out in time, they struggle down the mostly blocked mountain, as molten lava and ash quickly transform the town of Dante's Peak into Dante's Inferno. The "special effects" near the end are worth waiting for. It's definitely a disaster film worth viewing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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