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Dancing at Lughnasa



Dancing at Lughnasa
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Although Dancing at Lughnasa was a compelling movie at times, frequently it was sluggish, and the ending was not only disappointing but incomplete.

Meryl Streep, who is a fine actress, stars as a severe, serious schoolteacher in pre-World War II Ireland. She lives with her five sisters, one of whom has a young, illegitimate son by her wanderer boyfriend who returns home but does little to help the struggling sisters. When their only brother, a priest who had been visiting Africa for many years, arrives home, he has changed a lot. Actually, it's obvious that he's off his rocker. Aside from his sisters, not too many people offer him a warm welcome home. Several of the sisters are disgruntled and tired of their humdrum life but Streep is the matriarch of the family and runs it with her iron hand.

The acting is well done, but many actors didn't seem convincing as old fashioned Irish women. They looked too modern and American. Furthermore, the plot was weak - nobody seemed to accomplish much of anything and life was slow.

My Rating = Two Stars

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