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Dance With Me



Dance With Me
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Dance With Me is a slow, boring, tedious and entirely predictable soap opera that somehow made its way to the silver screen, where it definitely doesn't belong.

Vanessa Williams plays a professional Latin dancer who has worked in a small dance studio since she broke up with her boyfriend and dance partner. At the studio, she meets a young man who has just come to the states from Cuba. She teaches him a few dance steps and it's painfully obvious that they will end up together at the end of the movie. When she goes back to her old boyfriend and begins competing again, he's such a jerk that you know he won't last long. Unfortunately, the movie does - more than two hours, to be exact, although it seemed like two years.

Although the acting was adequate, no cast can make up for such terrible scripting flaws. Even comedic actress Joan Plowright, who normally produces laughs even in the dullest of films, just can't overcome the lack of plot. Dance With Me certainly doesn't make you want to get up and dance - it makes you want to take a nap!

My Rating = One Star

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