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Big Daddy



Big Daddy
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Big Daddy was a better movie than I expected it to be.

Adam Sandler, usually annoying, proved at least slightly less so in his role as Sonny Koufax, a lazy bum who does nothing all day. His girlfriend Vannessa (Kristy Swanson) informs him that he isn't ready to move to the "next level" in their relationship - or in his life. She wants time to "think things over". While she's away, Sonny learns that his friend Arthur (Josh Mostel) has a five- year- old son (Cole and Dylan Sprouse). Arthur hadn't previously known about the kid, and doesn't really want anything to do with him, so Sonny gets an idea: he'll keep the kid to impress Vanessa with his maturity and responsibility.

Big mistake. Turns out she's sleeping with a much older man and doesn't want anything to do with Sonny, kid or no kid. And Sonny isn't exactly the model parent. For example, his theory on house cleaning goes something like this: put newspapers over any mess and forget about it. That's just what he does - he covers up urine, barf, spilled cereal, you name it, in this manner. And he lets the kid do whatever he wants - wear idiotic clothes, play video games all day - all the things Sonny himself enjoys.

I have to admit some scenes were funny - although the heavy emphasis on bathroom humor and stupidity was a bit overdone. Unfortunately, the few serious parts were the sappy, gag-me kind (i.e., Sonny explains what it means to be a good father in an overly emotional courtroom dialogue). Still, Big Daddy wasn't irritating - at least not in comparison to some of Sandler's other films, such as Billy Madison. Overall, it was even entertaining.

My Rating = Two Stars

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