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Cujo, an adaptation of a Steven King book, opens with a crazed and ravenous dog trying to catch a rabbit. Then it switches to the bedroom of a little boy having nightmares. His parents assure him that "there are no real monsters", and you just know what's going to happen then.

Not that Cujo's predictability renders it boring. It proves an entertaining and diverting horror film.

The little boy's name is Tad, and his mother is having an adulterous affair, which his father finds out about. Still mad, he leaves on a business trip, and she takes Tad to get the car fixed. Once there, however, they find the place deserted - except for the huge dog, Cujo, who attacks and traps them in their car. (In earlier scenes, he killed off his owner and as well as another man.) The car battery is too weak to start the car so they are stuck.

Lots of blood and gore appears; some fantastic scenes include where the boy and his mother are being attacked in their car. The subplots about the different characters keep you interested while all the action gets started.

My Rating = Three Stars

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