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Crimson Tide



Crimson Tide
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Crimson Tide does what this year's Peacemaker failed to do: it depicts a serious power struggle concerning nuclear weapons while actually holding your attention.

Denzel Washington portrays Lieutenant Commander Hunter, who is second in command to Captain Ramsey (Gene Hackman). In the midst of political friction between America and Russia, they are sent on a submarine mission. It soon becomes clear that the immensely important decision of whether or not to bomb Russian subs will have to be made. Transmissions with military bases are cut off, and Hunter and Ramsey disagree on what to do. Ramsey wants to arm the missiles and prepare to launch them; Hunter favors waiting to see what will happen. Ramsey attempts to relieve Hunter from duty, but instead, he winds up relieved of duty.

The admirable acting and scripting of Crimson Tide captivated me, despite the fact that I'm not a great fan of military movies. The technical military mumbo-jumbo is confusing, but it isn't difficult to get the gist of what they're saying. This film is sure to appeal to almost anyone.

My Rating = Three Stars

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