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The Craft



The Craft
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Although The Craft wasn't the spooky, gory horror masterpiece I'd hoped it would be, it was compelling enough to be entertaining.

Sarah (Robin Tunney), a new girl in town, whom we later find out tried to commit suicide, is drawn to a group of "witches" at her new school. These three girls, who have very different personalities, read witch "almanacs" and practice some decidedly strange rituals. Consequently, almost everyone at school is scared of them.

Sarah is invited to join their little group because she is what they call a "natural" witch - she has powers without creating spells or practicing strange rituals. (Near the beginning of the movie, she stands a pencil on end without touching it, and the other witches note this with interest.)

Now involved in the group, Sarah learns how to increase her powers, and she as well as her friends, cast various "spells" on people. This leads to causing a snob to lose her beautiful hair (well, she had it coming), and then to murder. Too late, Sarah tries to leave the group and its manipulative leader. Unfortunately, at this point, the movie turns into an all too predictable struggle of good versus evil, and we all know how that's going to end. "The Craft" does earn points for some originality, excellent special effects, and convincing acting.

My Rating = Two Stars

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