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Somehow I expected more from the new movie, Copland - and Sylvester Stallone. Although the movie wasn't bad, it just wasn't as sensational as I'd expected it to be.

The plot at least deserves points for originality. Sylvester Stallone plays a sheriff who really wants to be a cop, but can't because he's deaf in one ear. So he sits around all day and acts depressed. Meanwhile, his town of Garrison, New Jersey- the so -called "Copland" because so many of its residents are cops - becomes the home of some dirty dealings. Could the safest place to live now be turning into the biggest haven for crooks?

Stallone isn't a good Stallone here. Everyone is used to Stallone being the tough guy, and this sheriff 's role is vastly different. Instead of being a hardened, rugged tough guy with that great Rocky sneer, he goes around with his head hung down and a clinically depressed look on his face. True, this shows his talent as an actor - he can definitely play roles other than a macho man - but I preferred him in roles such as "Rocky". Weakness just isn't his style.

Note: Another problem I had with this movie is that I'm not a big fan of cop shows/movies. However, I do recommend that anyone who loves NYPD Blue go watch it.

Another Note: The excessive swearing, not to mention violence, makes this movie a bad pick for kids under twelve.

My Rating = Two Stars

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