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Cookie's Fortune



Cookie's Fortune
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Cookie's Fortune is an interminably lethargic, amazingly dull film that seemed endlessly pointless and boring. I felt as though I were in the movie theatre for two years.

Cookie (Patricia Neal) is a small-town old woman who decides to kill herself. When her two nieces (Glenn Close and Julianne Moore) discover her body, they decide to make it look like murder, to avoid the shame of having a relative who committed suicide. Inadvertently, they let the blame fall on Willis (Charles S. Dutton), a borderline alcoholic friend of Cookie's who is the only plausible suspect. However, no one, including the town sheriff, really thinks Willis did it. In fact, the sheriff leaves Willis' cell door wide open and sits inside playing cards with him. Cookie's grand- niece (Liv Tyler) also joins Willis in jail as a show of support.

A few mildly amusing moments weren't nearly sufficient to break the monotony of this tiresomely tepid movie. Although I really like many of the actors, including Close, Tyler, and Chris O'Donnell (who plays Tyler's boyfriend), I just couldn't get into this film. The plot just went nowhere fast.

My Rating = Two Stars

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