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Continental Divide



Continental Divide
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Continental Divide is a somewhat amusing, if rather dimwitted comedy about a Chicago journalist.

That would be Ernie Koufax (John Belushi), who is sent to do a story on a woman who lives alone high in the Rocky Mountains. An orinthologist, she is preoccupied with watching birds and seldom returns to civilization. After making the treacherous climb up, Ernie's guide deserts him, promising to return in two weeks. But the woman Ernie came to see does not want anyone doing a story about her and tells him to leave. He convinces her that he can't find his way back down the mountain on his own and will have to wait for his guide to return, and she reluctantly agrees to let him stay.

Predictably, he falls for her, although it takes a while before she starts to warm up to him - she does have a wacky boyfriend who lives in the mountains too. But she breaks up with her old boyfriend - although she claims it's not because of Ernie. Eventually she falls for him, but obviously they're very different. Can this relationship work?

Most of the laughable parts are near the beginning, and Continental Divide just took too long to reach its apparent ending.

My Rating = Two Stars

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