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Contact is a captivating movie about a scientist named Ellie Araway (Jodie Foster) struggling to establish contact with aliens. But establishing contact with aliens is expensive and she's having a major funding problem. Eventually Ellie does get her funding from a shadowy billionaire , but when nothing turns up, she's back to square one: no money for research and a belief that most people scorn. But, then the signal arrives from outer space (Oh yes, ET does call home!) and the movie takes off. Ellie, as well as numerous scientists and government officials, has problems deciphering the message from outer space. Soon, she volunteers as a candidate for becoming a human guinea pig - that's the person who gets to go up in the spaceship the aliens sent the blueprints for. Her journey into space is amazing as are the special effects. Jodie Foster's acting is terrific, and handsome Matthew McConaughy (Foster's love interest in the movie) makes a good partner for her. The pace and tension of this movie makes it one of the best alien movies around.

My Rating = Four Stars

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