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Conspiracy Theory



Conspiracy Theory
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Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson, two of my most favorite actors, star in this thrilling new film about paranoia, theories, and twisted minds.

Gibson plays Jerry Fletcher, a crazed cab driver who has a theory about darn near everything. Convinced that everyone is out to get him, he becomes so paranoid that he not only locks his refrigerator but locks cans of food (perishable juices, coffee, etc.,) as well. Additionally, he has about eight deadbolts on his door (well, O.K. that's not so strange in New York City) and props a bottle up between locks so he'll hear it if someone tries to break in. Oh, and he has a sick fascination - well, it's more like an obsession - with beautiful Alice Sutton, (Julia Roberts) who works at the Los Angeles justice department. Fairly early in the movie, he is kidnapped and threatened by madmen who want to know who he told his theories to - apparently, one of them was true. He just doesn't know which one. Although he manages to get away, he'll need help to survive, and he begs Alice's help in outwitting the people after him. At first, Alice really doesn't take him seriously - she believes he's just a crazy, demented guy who belongs in a mental hospital. ( Frequently, he checks the sky overhead for black helicopters.). Then, when they are attacked at his apartment, she starts believing him - a little.

This movie has a great element of suspense. The characters reveal just enough to keep your interest and the movie moves constantly. Gibson, with his nervous eye movements, furtive body language, and constant nervousness does an excellent job of being a guy with a screwed - up psyche. You know Fletcher is running scared, although you are not always sure why. And Roberts' is a natural sidekick for poor Jerry Fletcher.

My Rating = Four Stars

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