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Coming to America



Coming to America
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Eddie Murphy is, as usual, hilariously funny in Coming to America, a typically idiotic comedy.

Murphy plays the twenty-one year old prince of the African country Zimonda. Tired of being pampered - he even has a servant to wipe him when he uses the bathroom! - the last thing he wants is the woman chosen to be his wife. She has been trained to be the queen, which means to obey his every command like a pet dog on a leash. He asks if she has a favorite food and she says yes, so he asks what it is. "Whatever food you like," she replies. This conversation continues for several minutes, and they get nowhere. So the prince decides to travel to America and find his queen there.

You can imagine how funny things get from then on. Murphy is one of the best comedy actors around, and this is a terrific example. I can't say this was the most original or realistic film I've ever seen, but that doesn't really matter - it's a grand comedy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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