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Cocktail is your typical Tom Cruise movie: Awesome. His acting never fails to be one hundred percent convincing, and the plot is exceptionally well-written.

Cruise plays a bartender who winds up in the Bahamas after his buddy, whom he had planned on going into business with, stabs him in the back (and threatens him with a broken beer bottle). Soon he meets a young woman who he has a fling with, then quickly dumps her for an older, richer woman. Back in New York a few months later he breaks up with girlfriend #2, and finds girlfriend #1 again. Not exactly ecstatic to see him, she dumps food on him in an hilarious restaurant scene. Later, Cruise finds out why she's so mad at him (other than the fact that he dumped her for someone else): she's pregnant. To complicate matters, he makes up with his backstabbing friend who promptly commits suicide.

Cocktail is ludicrous in some parts dramatic in others. See it for dynamite dramatic acting and a few riotous laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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