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Coalminer's Daughter



Coalminer's Daughter
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I'm not big on the stories of country singers' lives, but Coal Miner's Daughter had, if nothing else, some comic value. Most of it was in the vein of "I can't believe someone could be that stupid" or "What a hick", but it was funny, nonetheless.

Loretta Lynn, a coalminer's daughter grew up in Tennesee and apparently derived all her musical training from singing along with the radio. (Only country singers can get away with that.) At thirteen, she married a guy she'd known all of a month. And here's the kicker: their whirlwind romance didn't end in a whirlwind divorce, as you would expect. (Honestly, this true story is harder to believe than some fictional stories!)

Several years later, her husband convinces shy Loretta to sing at a club, and soon she's making records and visiting radio stations. Here's the funny part: in several scenes, clueless Loretta says some idiotic things during live radio interviews. For example, she talks about "getting horny" in one interview, later claiming that she didn't know what that meant. The understandably horrified look on the deejay's face was hilarious. And you have to remember that this was in the fifties, when radio regulations were even stricter than they are today. (Of course today, most interviews are pre-taped to avoid scenes like this.)

Once her career really gets going though, the comic value quickly wears off. When the story became serious, I lost interest fast. And it's pretty obvious that she's going to become famous so, there really aren't any surprises, and all the intimate details about her life aren't fascinating enough to hold much interest. Also, anyone who watches this movie has to be able to stomach quite a lot of country music, much of which is the oh-so-twangy old-fashioned kind.

My Rating = Two Stars

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