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Close Encounters



Close Encounters
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Science fiction movies in the late seventies lacked what I think most satisfying sci-fi movies have today: Believable acting, more than basic, cliche plots, and convincing special effects.

Close Encounters is not Richard Dreyfuss's best performance. So far I've only liked two of his movies (Mr. Holland's Opus and Krippendorf's Tribe), and neither one has to do with aliens.

Dreyfuss is Roy Neary, an electrician for a power plant who is called to fix a power outage one night. Becoming lost on a country road, he witnesses a spaceship flying overhead and his experiences turns into an obsession. Before you know it, he's making his children look mature by building mountains out of mashed potatoes at dinner. His wife leaves him, and he takes off for Wyoming, where he expects the aliens to land, teaming up with a woman whose child was abducted by the aliens.

These movies all seem to end the same way. I prefer the more modern sci-fi flicks like Contact and Independence Day.

My Rating = Two Stars

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