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Clear and Present Danger



Clear and Present Danger
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When they made U.S. Marshals, the sequel to The Fugitive, they forgot one thing: Harrison Ford. Fortunately, producers did not make the same mistake withClear and Present Danger, the sequel to Ford's Patriot Games.

Ford once again plays Jack Ryan, a CIA agent on the case. This time, he's working with the President, whose close friend was murdered - mainly because of his drug trafficking business. A couple of the President's key employees are also involved, and send troops to the South American jungle without anyone's knowledge. The plot gets rather complicated, and Ryan goes to South America to figure out what's going on. The action scenes were longer and more tedious than in Patriot Games, but hey, it still has Harrison Ford in it (All the other actors were also commendable.) Clear and Present Danger with its intricate plot is almost as excellent a thriller as Patriot Games


My Rating = Three Stars

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