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City of Angels



City of Angels
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Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan star in City of Angels a wonderful film about, well, angels.

Cage plays angel Seth, whom heart surgeon Maggie Rice (Ryan) glimpses when he comes to "take" one of her patients to heaven. Later she meets him , and, still under the impression that he's a mortal man, falls in love with him (although she already has a lukewarm boyfriend). Soon, however, she begins noticing unusual things about Seth. For example, while slicing lettuce, he cuts right through his finger without drawing blood or feeling any pain. Finally, he realizes that in order to keep Maggie, he'll have to become mortal, or "fall to earth". But does he really want to give up being an angel?

City of Angels is a uniquely contrived movie, and is well acted by Ryan and Cage. Dennis Franz, known for his butt-naked scenes on his TV show NYPD Blue, does bare it again in "City of Angels", in his amusing role as another "fallen angel".

My Rating = Three Stars

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