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City Slickers II



City Slickers II
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Although the first City Slickers was much more highly acclaimed than City Slickers II, which basically bombed at the box office going straight to video, that doesn't necessarily mean that the first movie was any better. Both are lively comedies that are difficult to compare.

If you saw the first movie, you know that Billy Crystal was Mitch Robbins, a guy whose life was altered for the better by a couple weeks on a dude ranch with his friend Phil (Daniel Stern), whose was also having personal problems. In City Slickers II, Crystal finds what he believes to be a treasure map, and returns to the Wild West, once again accompanied by Phil, and also joined by his annoying brother-in-law.

In the stupidest/best scene in the movie, Phil thinks he's been bitten in the butt by a rattlesnake and implores Crystal to suck the poison out of the wound before it gets into Phil's bloodstream. Crystal, being such a great friend, reluctantly agrees, but, fortunately, discovers that Phil was only stabbed by a cactus. Overcome with emotion, Phil exclaims, "What a great friend! You were going to suck my ass!"

Of course, you have to appreciate this brand of comedy to be amused, but if you do, you'll love it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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