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Stephen King has written about serial killers, werewolves, telekinetic teenagers, and every other kind of horror you can imagine. In his book Christine, on which the movie Christine was based, he tackles yet another possible way of inducing nightmares: an evil car.

Unpopular Arnie Cunningham has always been the school dork - always having his lunch stolen, being beaten up by bullies, and generally having fun poked at him. Fortunately, he has his best friend Dennis to stick up for him - and Dennis does try to talk him out of a bad decision. But when Arnie sees an old car that is nothing less than a complete and total piece of junk, he has to have it. Soon, Arnie becomes obsessed with the car (which he names Christine), spending most of his spare time fixing it up, and suddenly he goes from being the school joke to a popular, handsome guy who even wins the attention of the school's beautiful new student, Leigh.

Soon both Dennis and Leigh decide something must be wrong with Arnie - and Christine. Leigh almost chokes to death on a hamburger while sitting in Christine, and suspects that the car caused her to choke. They discover that several other people previously died in the car - could it be haunted?

Meanwhile, Christine kills several people on her own (she drives herself around and spontaneously repairs her own damages, how about that!) and Arnie becomes more and more possessed. Can Leigh and Dennis save him?

There were some changes, and a few parts were cut out of the story, but for the most part, King's brilliant work was left unaltered. The actors were well cast in their roles, and the movie, while not actually scary, was quite engaging.

My Rating = Three Stars

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