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Carpool is f-u-n-n-y. When Mom gets sick, Dad (Tom Arnold) gets stuck driving the carpool. Naturally he stops at Hammerman's for donuts. Although an important business client of Dad's, Hammerman's sells health food (i.e. barf) and no donuts. So Dad shovels a lot of healthy food into a bag and prepares to pay.

While Dad is checking out, the store is robbed by a couple of idiots. One guy in the store is planning on robbing a bank, but winds up taking good ole Dad hostage, and taking the kids on a joyride across town. Not a bad guy at heart, the robber even stops so the kids can go to the bathroom, drives through a shopping mall, and follows by showing the kids his very own carnival. Trailed by the police, they have the wildest time - and, as the "criminal" puts it "It sure beats going to school, huh, kids?" If you are looking for a total lack of reality, and a whole lot of fun, see the movie Carpool. No cursing, a safe movie for kids, and lots of laughs in store for all the moviegoers.

My Rating = Three Stars

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