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Captain Ron



Captain Ron
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Captain Ron is a somewhat amusing if rather dopey and predictable comedy.

Martin Short is a "city guy" who is lucky enough to inherit a yacht. At first he just wants to sell it , but when his teenage daughter announces she wants to get married, he decides that maybe it would be a good idea to take a little family vacation.

So, his wife and two kids accompany him on a Carribean cruise. Unfortunately, the boat is, well, not exactly ship-shape and requires quite a lot of work, including repairs in route. Furthermore, its pilot, Captain Ron, really bothers Short mainly because Short's family loves Ron for some inexplicable reason. (Incidentally, this reminded me of What About Bob?, a funnier movie in which a man named Bob annoys his shrink. His shrink's friends and family love Bob, but the poor guy loses his mind over Bob's antics.)

There were no surprises in Captain Ron; the plot wasn't impressive - it was too silly, even considering that it was a comedy.

My Rating = Two Stars

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