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Big Business



Big Business
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In Big Business Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin each play a set of twins who are mixed up at birth so that one twin goes with the other twin's twin and vice versa. Still with me?

Okay, Midler plays the daughters of a rich snob, and Tomlin plays the daughters of a country bumpkin. One of each goes to New York with the rich snob and her husband (who quickly bought the hospital's conglomerate where they were born when his wife went into labor forty miles from the nearest decent hospital). Coincidentally, both sets of twins are named Sadie and Rose.

About thirty or forty years later, Sadie is in charge of her father's company, and she is just as snooty and dislikable as her mother. Rose, a klutzy constant embarrassment to Sadie, dreams of a quiet life in the country. When Sadie decides to sell the small country business, Rose and Sadie from the quiet little town decide to go to New York and protest. And, as you can tell, a few hilarious problems arise.

Big Business cracked me up. The actors are great, the scripting is original and diverting, and the characters are crazy enough to be hysterical. I was impressed by how Tomlin and Midler each managed to play to very different characters - in the same film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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