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The Burbs



The Burbs
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This comically unrealistic movie doesn't really show off Tom Hanks' talent as an actor, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

Hanks plays a guy named Peterson, who takes a week off from work so he can stay home and laze around the house. Bad idea - considering his neighbors. There's the busybody who comes over to everybody's house and eats them out of house and home. There's the military guy and his dumb blonde wife, who are constantly annoyed by another neighbor, whose dog always does his business in everyone else's yard. And let's not forget the new neighbors, who come out in the middle of the night and dig holes in their backyard. Nope, I guess it isn't going to be such a relaxing week for Peterson.

If you're into dumb comedies, this is the movie for you.

My Rating = Two Stars

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