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Imagine a senator who tells the truth - and nothing but the truth- and curses continously (while making public appearances), does drugs, cheats on his wife, and admits to all of it! That's Bulworth, the character that Warren Beatty portrays in Bulworth, the unusual new political comedy.

Bulworth is apparently depressed, seldom eats or sleeps, and hires a man to bump him off. Later, on the campaign trail for reelection, he suddenly decides he doesn't want to die after all, and dives for cover every time he hears anything that sounds even remotely like a gunshot. Everywhere he goes, he says exactly what's on his mind, offending person after person. At one point, in what proves to be the funniest scene in the movie, a stoned Bulworth is supposed to make a speech - and ends up singing a rap song about the corruption he's supposed to be covering up! As the movie progresses, he becomes increasingly apprehensive about the unknown person who will try to shoot him. Eventually, he steals his own limousine, and, with the help of a woman he met at a disco (Halle Berry), makes a run for it.

Too bad real political candidates don't act like Bulworth. Politics would sure be a whole lot more interesting if they did.

My Rating = Three Stars

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