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O Brother, Where Art Thou



O Brother, Where Art Thou would have been better titled, "Oh brother, what a mess". The movie itself is far from being a mess - but the characters keep getting themselves in one sticky situation after another.

George Clooney - who, despite being dirty and decked out in ragged clothes, still looks great - plays the ring leader of three escaped convicts in the 1930's. On their way home to dig up 1.2 million dollars worth of buried treasure, and stop Clooney's wife from remarrying (she divorced him when he landed in jail), they run into trouble.

First, one convict's cousin turns them in for a bounty; they narrowly escape the cops. Then they make some quick money "singing into a can" at a radio station (this turns out to be important later). Finally, they make it home, only to discover that Clooney's wife wants nothing to do with him. In fact, she even told their children that he was hit by a train!

Meanwhile, Clooney is constantly worried about his hair - he wears hair nets, uses lots of pomade, and spends more time fixing his hairdo than most women. This aspect of his character, and other comic bits, prove very amusing.

O Brother, Where Art Thou seems like a very original story, although it was supposedly based on "The Odyssey" by Homer. The fresh, intriguing characters made this movie comical, dramatic, and highly entertaining.

Also, O Brother Where Art Thou is a different kind of role for Clooney, best known for his romantic lead roles, and last year's thriller hit The Perfect Storm. This role has more depth, character development, and action than most of his previous characters combined.

Basically, O Brother, Where Art Thou is a cleverly written and well-cast buddy comedy, romance, and drama. Not a minute of this movie was uninteresting. O Brother Where Art Thou is much different than standard Hollywood fare. There were few special effects, only great characters, scenes, and actors.

This is one of the few movies I would see again.

My Rating = Four Stars

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