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Broken Arrow



Broken Arrow
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Broken Arrow is the type of movie John Travolta should have kept making, rather than branching out into abstract concept movies like last year's Phenomenon".

Travolta plays a disgruntled navy pilot who, although deserving to, hasn't quite managed to make colonel yet. Partly out of resentment for the navy, partly out of the natural desire that everyone has to be rich and famous, he decides to kill his co-pilot and steal two nuclear missiles that his plane is carrying. (Crashing the plane seems an impromptu decision at first, but was actually carefully and elaborately planned with a rich businessman also interested in the missiles, whom Travolta later kills.) When the navy loses a nuclear missile, it's called a broken arrow, hence the movies' name - and hence the navy's panic.

Meanwhile Travolta's copilot unexpectedly survives the crash and meets up with an attractive female park ranger, and we all know that that spells romance - fortunately, they're pretty busy attempting to stop Travolta, so the plot doesn't dally on the romance too long, and doesn't spoil the movie. (If there's anything I hate, it's a romance written into an action movie. It's too much like those old forties movies.)

My Rating = Three Stars

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