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Erin Brockovitch
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Erin Brockovich is a fantastic movie with Julia Roberts portraying the title character - a struggling, twice-divorced single mother of three that is desperate for a job. After a car accident leaves her a victim with medical bills, she sues the other driver who is in the wrong - and loses. Still unable to find work, Erin convinces her lawyer (Albert Finney) to give her a job.

Erin soon stumbles onto some medical records in a real estate file and becomes intrigued with the case. She discovers that contaminated water may have caused serious illness to more than six hundred residents and former residents of the small town of Hinkley, California. Erin starts snooping around and soon convinces her lawyer to sue the Pacific Gas & Electric Company for contaminating Hinkley's water supply.

Meanwhile, Erin gets involved with her neighbor, a Harley Davidson biker. Their relationship lacks chemistry (he's no Richard Gere) but does add interest to the story.

Erin's sassy attitude and rather unprofessional style of attire (short, tight and revealing clothes that remind you of Roberts' prostitute character in Pretty Woman) don't always win her any points with the boss, however, they do lend the movie great comic relief.

Audio VersionThe cast is excellent, Roberts and Finney are believable, likable characters and I highly recommend Erin Brockovich.

My Rating = Four Stars

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