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Bringing Out the Dead



Bringing Out the Dead
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Bringing Out the Dead is an intriguingly, unusual film about a paramedic (Nicholas Cage) who sees the ghosts of patients he's lost.

The movie begins with Cage resuscitating a man from cardiac arrest, only to later get involved with his daughter Mary (Patricia Arquette). In the meantime, he keeps busy going on ambulance runs, although he becomes increasingly depressed because he hasn't saved anyone's life lately. He also tries to help Noel, a mentally unstable man who wants to die, by promising to take him to the hospital and kill him.

Later, Cage is treating a gang member with a gunshot wound and tries to reassure him that he isn't going to die. While doing that, he has to reassure Noel that he is going to die.

Many other darkly humorous moments occur in this film. While some scenes are slow, and it's obvious where Cage and Mary are going with their relationshp, and Bringing Out the Dead is totally unrealistic at moments (ambulance drivers downing drink after drink seems not only ludicrous but illegal), yet it does grab your attention, and proves mighty engaging at times.

My Rating = Three Stars

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