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Bridget Jones' Diary



Bridget Jones' Diary
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Bridget Jones' Diary is a highly unusual amusing comedy.

Bridget (Renee Zellweger) is an unmarried, thirty-something woman searching for Mr. Right. Unfortunately, her mother keeps fixing Bridget up with losers - one loser Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is an old enemy of sorts - with Bridget's crush, her boss (Hugh Grant). Bridget's fling with her boss ends badly when she catches him with another woman.

Meanwhile, she keeps running into the loser, who eventually starts to seem very attractive to Bridget. Unfortunately he's engaged to a bossy New Yorker - he literally comes running when she snaps her fingers. But it's obvious that he and Bridget are better off together.

In a subplot, Bridget's mother leaves her father for a badly tanned shopping channel salesman.

Bridget Jones' Diary is a lot like many romantic comedies - the lead character debates between two love interests for most of the movie. However, this film is very laughable. Bridget's ineptitude at her job, her lack of current events knowledge (particularly bad for someone who works at a TV station), and her crazy adventures all prove hilarious.

I did find some of this rather unrealistic - for example, everyone knows El Nino is not a Latin music craze. And certainly a reporter would know the names of people involved in a major court case. But these comic bits are funny nonetheless, so the lack of realism is forgivable. Basically, Bridget Jones' Diary is a serviceable romance but a very funny comedy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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