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Bride of Chucky



Bride of Chucky
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I just saw a terrific romantic comedy - Bride of Chucky. If you intend to rent the three prequels - Child's Play I, II, and III - before seeing this one, but can't locate them at the video stores, don't worry, this movie is so simplistic that it's easy to understand - even if you don't watch the first three movies.

Tiffany has spent the past ten years patiently waiting for her boyfriend Chucky to return. Problem is, he's been dead that long. Not a problem, though, as he was able to inhabit the body of a child's doll before. So, she just reincarnates him with her handy "Voodoo for Idiots" book! Unfortunately, she soon becomes a doll, too.

This is not the movie to watch if, say, your I.Q. is above the single digits, unless you have a great appreciation for idiot comedy. The special effects are entirely too fake looking, the plot is weak, and the acting is so lousy it's funny, but there's something to be said for bad movies - surprisingly, they can be rather good. (If that doesn't make sense, you know Chucky did something to my brain....)

My Rating = Two Stars

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