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Brain Dead



Brain Dead
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While nicely acted by Bill Paxton, Brain Dead is a terribly confusing movie.

For a horror movie, Brain Dead doesn't make much sense. Paxton plays a brilliant brain surgeon - or something like that. He keeps brains in jars and does his little geeky scientist thing, until he is asked to operate on a mental patient.

It seems the patient, Halsey, was an accountant who calculated some "confidential" numbers, whatever that means, and has now become completely paranoid. His former employers think that if Paxton operates, he can fix whatever is wrong in Halsey's head. Paxton operates - quite successfully - but then he starts getting a little wacky himself.

The confusing part comes when Paxton begins having nightmares, and waking up, and experiencing more weird stuff, and having more nightmares. Soon you can't remember what really happened and what didn't. Although entertaining, Brain Dead is a bit too disorganized - it ends up looking like a nightmare you might have after trying to study biology while watching a horror movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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