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The Brady Bunch Movie



The Brady Bunch Movie
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It's unbelievable, weird, and totally unrealistic!

Of course, it's The Brady Bunch movie. As the movie ended, I commented, "Nobody could be that retro!"

The Bradys haven't changed one bit since their television show twenty years ago. They are just the same - but now it's the 90's. Who's in the movie? Three girls, three boys, two parents, and who could forget the always available maid , Alice! Marcia (Christine Taylor) the oldest girl is beautiful, talented, and extremely stuck up. (At one point,she even puckered up and kissed herself in the mirror.) Jan (Jennifer Elise Cox) the middle girl, is jealous of Marcia -jealous, Jealous, JEALOUS! Cindy (Olivia Hack) the youngest girl, is a cute tattle tale. She is often found skipping past the neighbor's yard, eavesdropping, and causing trouble. Greg (Christopher Barnes) the oldest boy, is a "wanna-be" rock star. Peter (Paul Sutera) the middle boy, has a strange voice that's constantly changing. Bobby (Jesse Lee) is the youngest.

The Bradys forget to pay their tax bill (how could they?!) and owe $20,000. Yeah, right! If they don't pay up, they'll lose their house but, naturally, they don't have the money. Most of the movie focuses on everyone trying to save the house, by coming up with $20,000.

It was so predictable it was boring.

My Rating = Two Stars

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