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For the Boys



For the Boys
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Bette Midler stars in the funny comedy For the Boys. The movie begins with her character Dixie as an older lady, refusing to attend an awards dinner with her old show-biz partner, Eddie Sparks. She recounts the story of how she made it "big" to a young agent sent to talk her into attending the show.

During the war, a lot of entertainers got their big break performing in USO tours. In the beginning, Dixie and Eddie did not agree about their show - after their first show together, he chewed her out and tried to fire her. Later, however, they become a great comedy team and eventually had their own TV show. Meanwhile, Dixie's son skipped out of school frequently, and Dixie resented that Eddie became a father figure to him (her husband was killed in the war). Later on, Dixie's uncle is labeled a communist and is fired from his job as a script-writer, which angers Dixie because he helped her get started.

For the Boys is nicely performed and amusing, yet has some very serious moments too. It's interesting the way the story keeps jumping from past to present and so on, and the end is creative.

My Rating = Three Stars

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